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Google Chrome is the latest around the block, in regard to the other heavy hitters to the market, but it is the richest one. One among largest corporations copied it's about the planet and it became an important player in a very short time.

Google Chrome uses the V8 JavaScript engine and is based on the layout engine of WebKit. The software is free, but the source code subjects to a number of open-source licenses. Google put money into the development of the Google Chrome visitor, imposing a development cycle that's almost unparalleled. This type of management, delivering a great deal of smaller increments into a significant number of variations has captured on and now this pattern is also followed by Mozilla.

This fast development pattern has managed to create a silly model number, at least in the eyes of the normal user. The stable version of Google Chrome is 18.0.1025.162, the Beta version is 19.0.1084.36. And the Alpha version is 20.0.1115.1. And the most recent beta version is 22.0The main reason people use Google Chrome is basically that it looks simple and light. I say looks because Google knew what they do. I wouldn't put it past them to hire some guys who'd only one job, to create the interface as simple and as practical as possible.

Third party extensions are also supported by the browser, and there are certainly a lot of these. They are separated into extensions, which will bring increased features or new, and web apps, that are similar to third party applications.

It lacks an enormous number of some significant, functions and some not, especially about the Linux platform. You can't really see how big a file before you get it and there's no extension to provide this function.

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